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Hi, I’m Cara, owner of Nails by Cara! I am a natural nail enthusiast who cares a great deal about enhancing the beauty and strength of your nails through dry manicures (also known as russian manicures).

My goal when you book an appointment with me is of course to have your nails looking amazing(!!) but it’s equally important to me that you have a great experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized for whatever plans you have on the horizon. This means I take the time to get to know each of my clients' likes and dislikes so that when you visit you know exactly what to expect ~ an amazing experience from start to finish!

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Pricing For Nails

Structured gel on natural nails $70

THESE ARE NOT EXTENSIONS. This service is for short natural nails. This would be best for the client looking to grow out their natural nail. This is a structured gel overlay used to protect, grow, and strengthen your natural nails. THESE ARE NOT EXTENSIONS. This service requires a Fill/Rebalance every 3-4 weeks. This service comes with one (1) gel color of your choice. Does not include a gel removal. Please come with bare nails or there will be a charge for removal of any product not done by me.

Duration:90 mins

Medium- long nails $70

Short Extensions $90

These are a full set of extensions on the natural nails. These are sculpted nail extensions with one polish of choice.

Duration:2 hours

Mens Manicure $45

Manicure that focuses on cleaning the cuticles and removing any dead skin or callouses. Filed and buffed to a clear shiny finish.

Duration:45 mins

Nail repair $5+

Nail repair would be a possible missing portion of nail or broken nail and instead of cutting it short and not matching with the other nails I would build out the nail with gel and make it even with rest of nails.


Reshaping $10

This service would be for anyone who would want to change shape . for example from a square shape to an almond shape. this would not apply to anyone staying in same shape but just shortening nail.

Gel X $70

Apres gel X is a 100% soft gel extension system that is applied to the nail using gel (not glue). Providing durability and length without causing damage to the natural nail. Soaks off in 20 mins.



Pricing For Art

Level 1 approx. 10 mins 2-4 nails $10+

Level 2 Approx. 20 mins 2-6 nails $15+

Level 3 over 25 mins all nails $25+

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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhy a structured gel mani?

Whether its called builder gel, Russian mani, gel overlay, structured gel mani, its all the same, I just prefer to call it a Structured gel mani. It all entails the same goal, not to make your nails super thin and damage them. Let me explain. I start by performing a dry manicure to ensure the best foundation for your nail enhancement. I then apply a soft gel that’s a little bit thicker than the gel you’re used to getting at the salon. I give the nail some structure, hence the name, that gives it strength to grow and not break. I finish the manicure and you get a mani that will last 3-4, possibly more. The part that makes this easy on the natural nail is when you come back for a new manicure I’m basically doing a fill. I only file off a portion of the gel, leaving some gel on your natural nail so that I don’t over file your nail. I preform a new dry manicure and prep the new nail growth for product. I then reapply gel and restructure and rebalance the nail. In that way I’m not constantly filing and soaking the natural nail every time you get a manicure which is what causes the thinning.

QWhat’s a Dry Manicure?

Does your salon clean your cuticles? Most don’t, or they charge you extra. But I think it should be included in every manicure, its the foundation for a long lasting beautiful set of nails. I preform a dry manicure, trust me when I say “its the future.” This service uses an electric file with specialty bits meant for the skin to lift and exfoliate the cuticle. Have dry calloused fingers due to all the hand washes, don’t worry, I can get that skin nice and smooth for you again. You know what else is great about a dry manicure? It allows me to get polish as close to the skin as possible, that way you don’t leave looking like you have a week of grow out already. One of the reasons my manicures last so long.